Parque Reptilandia

Costa Rica's Largest & Most Diverse Reptile Exhibition!
Visit the South Pacific Zone's only reptile and amphibian park. Observe these magnificent animals in lush, natural settings. Learn to identify venomous and non-venomous snakes, marvel at poison dart frogs, delight in rainforest lizards and tortoises and gaze at prehistoric-looking crocodilians all in secure enclosures.


About Us


Parque Reptilandia is comprised of 71 terrarium-style enclosures and ponds on a little over an acre of land. A wide, flat path through the Park makes it wheelchair accessible and a comfortable walk for young and old alike. The central viewing area is undercover and features glass-fronted terrariums arranged with rock, perches and local flora that provide a natural environment for the animals and a rich viewing experience for our guests. And remember..FRIDAY is feeding day!


Animal Planet’s Snakemaster series, starring Austin Stevens, began airing in 2005 on Discovery Channel. The Costa Rica episode, filmed by UK based Tigress Productions, features a variety of snakes courtesy of Parque Reptilandia, including “Big Bertha” our giant female Fer-de-lance (Bothrops asper). Parque Reptilandia staff also worked behind the scenes for the Costa Rica filmed sequences of the new Jeff Corwin Experience. Also filmed by Tigress Productions in 2005.

Quetzal and the staff were once again invited to work with Tigress Productions on a quality snakeeducational program in January of 2006. Look for “Caught in the Moment” airing July 2006 on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet. The new series profiles Tristan Bayer and Vanessa Garnick, two up-and-coming filmmakers, as they travel the globe to capture unique glimpses of animal life. You'll see how they capture rare moments in the wild, from the courtship dances of Japanese cranes to the spectacle of 150,000 sea turtles nesting on a Costa Rican beach. Quetzal worked as a field guide with Director, Duncan Chad and Cameraman, Simon Niblett for the natural history filming of the giant Olive Ridley sea turtles nesting in Ostional, Costa Rica. It was awesome!


snake2We are available as field assistants and animal handlers for film work involving reptiles. Our credits include the UK based company, Tigress Productions; Spanish based Algogar Productions , and the Belgian based company, Airborne Planet




Come see the most spectacular reptiles of Costa Rica and other parts of the world. Contact us today for more information on our tours and field services.


tel: 506.2787. 0343 / 506-8308-8855



Contact us

tel: 506.2787. 0343 / 506-8308-8855



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Finding us

We are located 7 km from Dominical up the paved highway to San Isidro del General, just before the village of Platanillo. Our facility is only 50 meters off the paved road and is 2-wheel drive accessible. There is parking available for large groups. Dominical and San Isidro taxi drivers know our location and the bus stops at our entrance!



Question:What are the hours at Parque Reptilanida?
Answer: Hours 9 to 4:30 7 days a week.

Question:What day is feeding day?
Answer: Friday is feeding day!

Question:Can I use my camera at Parque Reptilanida?
Answer: Yes we welcome photos and video.

Do I need tickets and can I order them online?
Answer: No tickets are needed and we are open to the public.

Question: What are the attractions at Parque Reptilandia?
Answer: 71 enclosures outdoors, snakes lizards, turtles, tortoises, frogs, crocodiles. Exotic and native.

Question:  What is the admission price?
Answer: $12 adults $6 kids 14 and under

Question: Do I get A discount if I bring a group?
Answer: Groups 20 or more, 20% off

Question: Can I utilize Parque Reptilandia for my event?
Answer: Yes, we offer special event featured tours.

Question: Does Parque Reptilandia bring animals to schools?
Answer: Yes, we can accommodate special requests for schools visits.

Question: Are there any dangers visiting Parque Reptilandia?
Answer: No. All of our animals are in special enclosures that are safe and functional.

Question: How many different species are represented at Parque Reptilandia?
Answer: We have more than 60 different species if reptiles and amphibians.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests. | Designed by © 2013 Parque Reptilandia